One Thing 3/20/12

One of my favorite Mother Teresa quotes about living a surrendered life is “Take what He gives, and give what He takes with joy in your heart.” To live this kind of life several things must be at work in our hearts. For one, we have to be totally abandoned to the will of God. It doesn’t mean you always live perfectly yielded, but it does mean that you want to with all your heart, and that you are continually repenting, longing for that place. You also have to be utterly convinced that Heaven Rules, and that sovereign God is in absolute control, ordering all your steps. Along with the conviction that God is in control, you must have complete confidence in His goodness. Its one thing to know He is sovereign, but to know without doubt that sovereign God is Love, and is “working all things after the council of His will, according to His kind intentions,” allows us to embrace His will with joy in our hearts.
This is one of the most important realities we can ever walk in. It affects our lives everyday. Things are constantly happening in our daily lives that we don’t have control of, and how we respond to those things radically affect whether we are living victoriously or as victims. In the big and small, unpleasant things come into our lives everyday. When that happens, do we see His loving hand and with joy in our hearts take what He gives. On the other hand, when things don’t happen as we hope, do we see the God of love at work, and give joyfully what He takes. Being fully surrendered isn’t just a crises event spiritually where presented our lives completely to Him. That may be the starting place, but the truly surrendered life is lived everyday as we take what He gives, and give what He takes with joy in our hearts. The is really what it means to Dance with Jesus. Have a great day In Christ.