One Thing 3/14/12

If you blow a good breadth of air into a limp balloon and hold the end tight, it is full. It may not have reached it’s full capacity, but every bit of space is full of air. If you blow into it again, it’s capacity to hold air is expanded and it is full again. It’s not more full than before, it just holds more air. Full is full. Full is the percentage of space taken up. A little kid can be just as full as a grown man, it just requires more food to fill the grown man. What’s the point? I don’t have a clue! I just thought it was interesting. Just kidding:) There really is a point. During Lent (which means ‘lengthen’) God does just that; He stretches us so He can increase our capacity to contain more of His Spirit and Presence experientially. You may already be full of the Holy Spirit, but during times like Lent He stretches us through pursuit and repentence, so that we can hold more. As a Lovesick followers, we should always be cring out for more. More capacity to love Him, more of His presence, and glory, more of His gifts, and power, more of Hus compassion for the broken people around us, and more, and more, and more, etc. If that is your heart, then ask Him to stretch you, so you can hold more. I promise you He will, but don’t complain when He does.
Have a great day being stretched In Christ.