One Thing 3/12/13

I woke up ‘In Christ’ this morning; did you. If you are a Christian, you did, and that’s the truest reality about you, as you start your day. No matter what circumstances, and situations fill your day today, the more important thing to remember as you face them all, is that you will face them ‘In Christ.’ He will be ordering your steps; His presence will be your environment, and His ability will be your provision. Nothing will be able to touch you without first touching the truth that you are safe ‘In Christ.’ Everything else is secondary, and a secondary cause. It may all seem very earthy, but you’ve been raised up ‘In Him,’ and you will breathe the air of Heaven, as one who is ‘Seated in the Heavenly Paces In Christ.’ Nothing in life looks the same, or feels the same when you live resting in your Heavenly position. Whatever happens today, remember that the great truth, the great reality, is not what your eyes see, or your ears hear, but what is true, YOU ARE IN CHRIST, so worship Him for His leading, His presence, and His provision.