One Thing 3/12/12

Oh love that will not let me go, I rest my weary soul in thee, that in thine ocean depths it’s flow may richer fuller be.

Sometimes even though we’re Christians our souls get weary. During those times the enemy comes to us and attacks us, telling us that we must be unspiritual to have such a weary soul. For sure, a weary soul can be the result of sin or disobedience, but many times soul weariness can be simply the result of living in a fallen world and having diseased emotions that are affected by the fall. One thing you can know for sure if you’re soul weariness is a result of sin God is faithful to show you that. He will not leave you guessing, because he loves you too much to allow that. Somehow we have gotten the idea that our job to be constantly soul gazing to figure out if things are right or wrong with us. This will keep us paralyzed in introspection. We’re simply called to walk by faith, it is then God’s job show us by the Holy Spirit if there’s something we need to repent of.
So, what do we do when we find that we are soul weary. For one, lose the guilt; you are not a bad person because your feeling have taken another vacation into the wilderness. Secondly, don’t bow to your emotions; God created them to be followers, not leaders. Our emotions are effected by the fall and can’t be trusted all the time. They can even go on vacations cyclically, for various reasons. Again, make sure your mind hasn’t been focused on yucky stuff. If it has, repent, and start walking in faith again. Don’t let your emotions dictate reality to you. You have feelings. You are not a feeling. Thirdly, in those times, just rest in His faithfulness. Let His ocean depths carry you along, and confess the truth, not the feelings. Soul weariness is a great gift that brings us back to faith. It reminds us who is the source of our walk. He is the origin of all we do, not just the object. In due time your emotions will get in line and become followers again. When you feel bad you can’t ever remember feeling good, and it seems certain that you will never feel good again, and when you feel good, you can’t remember ever feeling bad, and your convinced these good feelings will never go away. Just keep walking In the Spirit one step at a time, resting in the One you can trust to keep you, ignoring those traitor feelings that can’t be trusted at all.