One Thing 3/11/12

My Beloved is radiant and lovely, fairest among ten thousand (S.S. 5:10)

Of all the loves I’ve known, there is no love like His love. His love, which flows red from His pure and glorious heart always elevates my deepest soul into the Heavenlies of transforming grace and acceptance. Remarkably I’ve never felt insecure in His presence. Frightened for sure, even terrified, but amazingly never insecure. His holiness strips me, and leaves me bare and exposed, but His love is so healing and satisfying. I’ve never known such threatening, and yet such mesmerizing beauty that can make me feel so safe. I’ve never even imagined such. He makes me feel so different than I am. He makes me want to be so different. I don’t know how to respond to such. I’m so often struck dumb before Him, yet something seems to always rise up from deep within that cries, “Take it all Lord, take it all.” I long to be His garden enclosed, set apart for His affection alone, and yet I so often sadden His Great Heart. It never seems to send Him away though, on the contrary it seems pull out of His immaculate heart even more acceptance and compassionate affection. How can that be? How can He be so OTHER?!! Oh how I long to be so Other for Him. He has set me apart for Him. Oh how I long for Him to be set apart to me. His holy torrents for me are so overwhelming and so overcoming. Oh how I long for my heart to be a furious torrent that ravishes His heart. The safe and yet furious haven of His great heart makes me want to love Him back. He offers such great gifts, yet the gift of loving Him more is what I desire above all desires. His very name is like an anointing oil poured forth. In the greatest joys, His face is there. In the darkest moments the joy of His presence is there. In the loneliest of times He is my rock. In the largest crowds He is the fairest among ten thousand with eyes of fire reminding me that I am His and He is mine. Celebrating the purest loves in this life I find myself crying out, Whom have I in Heaven but thee, and besides thee I desire nothing on earth. He is my North Star, and my morning Star. In Him, I always find my way. He is my Way, my Truth, and my Life. He is my anchor, and my great adventure. In Him my every need is met, and yet in Him I always long for more. I think that is what I’m trying to say, He makes me long for more. He; In Him; I believe there is always more, I love tomorrow, and the idea of Forever. Have a great day In Him.