One Thing 2/7/13

Hebrews 12:29 tell us that God is a consuming fire. The language of that verse is one of continual action. A fire, that is strong enough, is very hungry. It will consume everything combustible near it. If the fire is strong enough it will even melt hardened things like glass, asphalt, and steel. S.S.8 tells us that the fire of God’s burning heart of love is a “vehement flame, the very flame of The Lord.” How hot is the flame of God? I would assume it is the hottest fire in the universe by a very wide margin. The consuming fire of God wants to consume our hearts. God wants it all, and He want relent until He has all of us. He invites us to draw near; to come just a little close so that the glory of His burning heart for us can consume us until we become Burning Ones before His throne. There is nothing passive about God’s heart. He is described to have the appearance of a sardius stone. A sardius stone is deep red, which speaks of His passion, and wholeheartedness. God is wholehearted in His love for us and His desire to consumes us completely. I dare you to take a step toward Him. Just draw slightly near for about week or so, and see if His flame doesn’t draw you even closer and begin to consume you. There is no greater way to live than to be lost in Him, consumed forever by our Aslan, the great Lion of Judah. “I truly would rather be eaten by Him than fed by anyone else.”