One Thing 2/26/12

When David sent for Mephibosheth and had him brought before him, Mephibosheth fell down before David in fear. Again, he surely knew about the covenant between his father and David, but for whatever reason, he didn’t believe it was for him. He hid from David. I’m convinced if he had not been handicapped he would have lived much lived much further away than Lode-bar, and David would not been able to find him when it was time to bless him. If he had not been crippled he could at least been able to flee from those who came to bring him to David. Now think about that, Mephibosheth’s crippled condition put him a position that when David sent for him he was not only easy to find, but he couldn’t resist. The end game was that he ended up at the Kings table being treated as one of the King’s sons; enjoying the King’s limitless provision and the King’s presence. While resting in the King’s presence and enjoying the King’s provision, living like a King’s Kid he one day may have thought to himself, “You know, if my Dad hadn’t made the covenant, and the Philistines hadn’t killed my Grandad, and Dad, and if my Handmade hadn’t gotten scared and run out, and she hadn’t dropped me, and if I hadn’t even crippled, and wouldn’t have ended up in Lode-bar I would never have never ended up here accepted by him, loving his presence, living off his provision? Wow no, resentment, no anger, no bitterness, no regrets. The lines have truly fallen to me in beautiful places. Oh yeah, as long as I sit at this table my crippled condition is totally hidden.Wouldn’t change a thing. Things have sort of, somehow, miraculously worked together for my good.” GET IT!!!! Thirty six years ago I gave my life to Christ. Thirty four years ago I discovered that Christ wanted me to rest in His indwelling presence, celebrate His unconditional love, and enjoy His limitless provision to live life, and a few months after that while on a plane I realized that all the stuff and people who had contributed to the severity of my crippled condition had actually been used by a brilliant God to position me so that Christ could draw me in and set me free. If I hadn’t been born to a certain family, and my Dad hadn’t been a shattered war Vet. who came from a broken family, who became an alcoholic, and if this and that person hadn’t done that, and if this circumstance hadn’t happened, and if I hadn’t made those choices, and etc., etc., etc. then I would not have turned up here, desperate and needy, knowing that in my weaknesses His strength would have to be made perfect. You see, only the Broken are qualified for supernatural living, therefore I should be thankful for all those things, and people that broke me in just the right places. In an instant on that plane I saw it all. Not only was I able to forgive anyone, and everyone who had ever hurt, or disappointed me, I was grateful for them, and for all the painful and disappointing circumstances that had happened in my life. I was able to lay aside all the regret at how messed up I had turned out to be. I qualified to live the life of a King’s Kid, and no life could ever match it. Have a great day In Christ. It’s hard not to In Christ.