One Thing 2/11/13

Did you know that God has a Hungry Heart. If God is Love, and God is a consuming fire, then I believe that second phrase helps us understand what love looks like, and feels like to God. Of course, God’s love for us is full of tenderness, and kindness, but even in that, there is something fiercely Hungry, consuming, about God’s love. Remember that line we referenced before from Proverbs 30:16 that says there is a fire that never says ‘ENOUGH.’ This is the truest description of what His love is like, even in the most tender moments. That is why wholehearted abandonment to Him moves His heart the most. When we throw ourselves, without reservation, into His consuming fire we satisfy His Hungry Heart. I’m so grateful when God blesses me, and satisfies some desire in my life, but I was created for Him, and my heart is never fully satisfied until I know I’ve satisfied His. Total abandonment is the only response to a love so hungry that it wants to consume all. If you look at the most visual expression, at the Cross, of His Hungry Heart then you get a better idea of what it looks like when He loves. He abandoned all. He wholeheartedly, voluntarily, gave His all in His love for us. That’s His idea of love, and therefore that’s what He measures love by. That’s what He longs for from us, that we would freely, voluntarily, deliberately give Him our all. If we are to experience all that He is, then He must possess all that we are.