One Thing

I’m a little tired at the end of a pretty demanding week. The result is, I find myself thinking about getting some physical rest. Rest is something our bodies need, but the rest of soul that God offers is even more important. We live in a world full of stress, and tension, and if we don’t learn to enter into His Rest we will live our lives mentally, and emotionally broken down and exhausted. If you notice the words of Heb.4, we are invited to enter into His rest. I wonder how much peace, and rest of heart God experience. He feels no anxiety, or stress. He is totally confident in His ability to handle any and every situation, and His absolute sovereign rule over all things. He is never taken by surprise, and He is never threatened by any situation. To enter into His rest is to remember that we are in Christ, and He is in us as our very life. We need then to only fret over those things He’s not in control of, and not Big enough for. It’s His life, and therefore He is ordering our lives, and shares with us His ability to face it all.
O Jesus, though hast offered rest,
O give it then to me.
The Rest of ceasing from myself,
To find my all in Thee.