One Thing 1/8/13

Why the trial? Why the testing? There is much more God has for you, that He wants to trust you with. He wants to use you beyond your wildest dreams, and He knows that a faith that can’t be tested can’t be trusted. He stretches us so that He can trust us with more. We all long to see God move in profound ways, and yet we have to profoundly trust Him with what’s in front of us now, before He will do more. We have dreams, but God has bigger ones. Be faithful (full of faith) in the little, and then He’ll give you the big things to trust Him with. When God used the ravens to feed Elijah by the Brook Cherith. It wasn’t just to do something cool and supernatural, it was to test his faith, preparing him for the next thing God wanted to do in His life. The next thing God did, having taught Elijah that He could provide supernaturally, was to use Elijah to believe Him, and thus teach a starving widow to believe God for supernatural provision, and by the end of that visit with the widow, God used Elijah to raise her son from the dead. Wow, talk about God trusting you with more; talk about your Wildest Dreams Anointing! Remember though, he didn’t start out raising the dead, he started out in a lonely place just trusting God for daily bread when there wasn’t any. The point is, extravagantly trust God with what’s in front of you everyday, and then He will begin to give you extravagant things to trust Him for.