One Thing 1/25/13

I have been absolutely fascinated with Anna in Luke 2:36-38. I’ve spent the last several weeks just meditating on her life, and allowing God to speak into my life through hers. I’ve probably spent 20-25 hours gazing into her Jesus Story, and I still feel I’ve just begun. What a mentor she has become to me, as she has joined the list of those who have helped guide me deeper into One Thing Life. What a Lover of God she was and is. I can’t wait to see her and hear more of her her/His Story. Just think, she spent about 62 years adoring and serving The Lord in the Temple day and night, with prayers and fastings. The language of verse 37 is that she could just never tear herself away from the Secret Place where she ministered to Him with her whole heart. She had been caught by His beauty, and there was no escape. What a glorious prison His face is!! Again, she was from the tribe of Asher which means, “With my happiness.” I know that I’ve already talked about this, but this morning I was thinking about he fact that she loved Him this extravagantly, and sacrificially, for 62 years. It says that she was advanced in years, and at 84 she was still passionately seeking and loving Him “with her happiness.” Her life sets me free from any fear of the future, or growing old. She reminds me that life just gets better and better when you are lovesick. I don’t don’t have to fear the love of my life passing away, leaving me alone and lost. Our love will just grow stronger over the years until one day I pass into a realm of His presence that transcends anything I had ever known before. Until that day, I like Anna have such an awesome future loving, and being loved by the One Who is love. No matter how frail my body, or what changes around me, I, with MY happiness, will continue the quest with greater clarity and transforming fascination each and every day. Anna didn’t fear growing old, she relished in it, knowing each new tomorrow brings never discoveries of Him. As a lover I am infatuated with the future, because it’s all about Him.