One Thing 12/3/12

There is a line in Song of Solomon 3:2 that says, “I must seek Him whom my soul loves.” Those words so describe a lovesick heart. When you move past the “I need to seek Him,” and the “I will seek Him,” place, which are good places, to the “I must seek Him,” you’ve begun to live in the realm of a heart plundered by the love of Christ. I love that word “MUST.” It speaks such volumes to me. To be in that place of Holy addiction, to the beauty of The Lord, brings your heart into Crave Realm.To so delight in The Lord that seeking Him becomes your consuming desire, is the greatest gift of all. We all start with the “I need”, and the “I will” anointing, but once you start lingering before His beauty a little, you will soon become so smitten by His presence, that you become a Type A seeker. The gift of longing becomes an unbearable ache that explodes into a burning “Must.”