One Thing 12/28/12

Christianity is not a formula, it is a relationship with a real person who invites us into a place of remarkable intimacy and transparency. Though there are principles involved in any successful relationship, Christianity is not about memorizing principles, prayers, and rules. Don’t get me wrong, there are prayers I pray regularly that I memorized, but they flowed out of a revelation of truth discovered and reinforced in His presence. The Bible is a Him book, not just a book of principles.He wants us to discover Him every time we spend time in the Bible. Remember Deut. 8 says we live by the words that are proceeding from the mouth of God. That is all about a face toface relationship. I watch so many people get a touch from God, or go through some kind of ministry, but if you notice, only those who daily live intentionally seeking His presence ever sustain what God started in those time of touch and healing. Whenever God touches us in some special way, it is in some way Jesus tapping us on our hearts inviting us in, where healing and wholeness is sustained and expanded. You can’t memorize love, you experience it. In the secret place the upheaval of falling in love happens again, and again, but deeper each time.