One Thing 12/26/12

Fear is such a false companion. It’s stated goal is self protection, and the protection of those people and things around that you cherish. The problem is, the goal Fear ever really accomplishes is to put you in harms way. Fear actually exposes you to all kinds of spiritual torment and suffering. Things like, confusion, anxiety, hopelessness, and depression follow fear around. Ps. 37:8 says, “Fret not yourself, it leads only to evil doing.” Being afraid leads us to evildoing because it leads us away from faith, and Rom.14:23 says that “whatever is not of faith is sin.” Jesus told the Synagogue official “Don’t be afraid any longer, only believe.” ONLY BELIEVE. It doesn’t say “sort of believe,” because Jesus knows that we can’t give fear an inch, because fear is a Taker, and if you give it an inch it will just keep on taking until it has, on behalf of its evil lord, stolen all of your faith, hope, and charity. Remember, besides being with, and in you, our High Priest is faithfully praying for us that our faith won’t fail. Yes, He is praying for us to believe, because He knows that where faith thrives, fear can’t survive. Those two things, faith and fear, cant coexist because they live in the realm of two totally different realities. They both stand on substance, one is true, and real, the other is false and isn’t substance at all, instead it is a lie, held up by the great Deceiver. Faith IS SUBSTANCE. It is a sure thing. It’s not just hope, though hope is good, but faith is more, it IS substance. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to FEEL my way through life, I want something more that feelings to rely on, I won’t certainty, substance, to walk on. I want to live my life standing on the very substance of the words that proceed from the mouth of God. There are no risks in that. People think that to live a life of faith is to be a risk taker. How insulting to God for us to think that. Trusting Him involves no risks at all. It is the safest thing you and I will ever do. Fear not, ONLY BELIEVE.