One Thing 12/2/11

Prayer is all about communion between two people, God and Man, and communion is all about intimacy, and intimacy involves communicating, and communicating assumes conversation, and conversation is all about transparency, awareness, and listening.   I’ve could have started this by saying All heathy relationships are all about…..!!!
The most important relationship that we must keep healthy is our relationship with Jesus, and if prayer is all about communion with God, then prayer is one of the most important things we do. Remember, we said prayer is intimacy, communicating, transparency, awareness, and listening. Too often, we approach prayer with the list of things that are troubling us, and when we’ve finished, we think we’ve prayer. But prayer, involves intimacy, awareness, and listening. Prayer is transparent conversation. That means that God gets to speak too. Actually we do well to spend more time listening than talking in prayer. Im learning that what God has to say impacts my life more than what I have to say. I’m learning that if what I have to say to God doesn’t prompt Him to say something back, then I’ve not prayed. Some of the best times I’ve had in prayer are when I come before Him desperate, and broken, and too shattered,and confused, or just too tired to say anything. In those times He does all the talking. I always come out of those times filled, and full of faith. He is so amazing. He speaks the language of the heart directly to our hearts. It’s as if He breathes life into us mouth to mouth, spirit to spirit.
Have a great day listening to the voice of the Great Tender Lion, who created the World with a Word. As, matter of fact, His very name is Word. His name indicates His nature is to speak. If  He Can Roar the World into existence, then one Little roar into your heart from Him can certainly change your world and your existence today.