One Thing 12/1/11

We are looking at Matthew chapter 11 verse 28 roofers 30 where Jesus talks about all offering rest for our souls. In these verses, Jesus not only offers us rest, but also gives us insight into how to enter into that rest. After offering soul rest to the weary, and heavy laden in verse 28, he invites us to take his yoke upon us and learn from Him verse 29. Pay close attention to what Jesus says to us in verse 29. He says” take my yoke upon and learn from me, for I am meek and lowly of heart; and you shall find rest for your souls. Then, in first 30 Jesus says the most amazing thing. He says” for my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” That seems like a ridiculous statement. How could Jesus ever say that this burden is light. No one has ever faced as many pressures, or stressful situations as Jesus did on a daily basis. Think about all the things that Jesus faced every day. All the broken people pressing in; the crowds; the conflicts with the Jewish Leaders; and the spiritual warfare He must have constantly faced. Think about the future He knew He was facing. Non of us have ever, or will ever deal with the kind of pressures and responsibilities that Jesus faced on a daily basis. No matter how difficult your future may appear to be, it is nothing compared to His.
Now here is the secret to His burden being light, and the offer of rest He extends to us. He said, “learn from me.” What do we learn? Simply this, He was meek and lowly of heart(KJV). He said, “take my yoke”. His yoke was that in meekness and humility, He was totally surrendered to do His Fathers will. As a matter of fact, Psalm 40 verse 8 says that Jesus delighted to do His Fathers will. He wasn’t just submitted to his Father’s will, he delightfully surrendered to it. That kind of attitude alone will bring  a measure of rest to a person’s soul. There’s no resistance. There’s no inner struggle. There’s no fighting back. There is simply surrender. There is a big difference between submitting to someone’s will while on the inside really resisting it. Giving in to Gods will and delighting in His will are two far different things. Also, Jesus knew that every time in faith, He submitted to His Fathers will that His Father was prepared to perform that will through Him. As the Son of Man, that made His burden light. Read John 14:10. Everything that Jesus was called to face, His Father was prepared to work through Him. Jesus lived, delightfully surrendering to his Father, in absolute anticipation of His Fathers activity on His behalf. This is the yoke that He invites us to take up that will bring rest to our souls. If in faith, we will be as surrendered to Him as He was to His Father, then He will be as available to us in every situation as His Father was to Him. Living our lives delightfully surrendered Him out of sheer love for Him, and in total dependence on Him, invoking His ability in each and every situation. Have a great day.

My Savior, Thou hast offered rest:
  Oh, give it then to me;
The rest of ceasing from myself,
  To find my all in Thee.
This cruel self, oh, how it strives
  And works within my breast,
To come between Thee and my soul,
  And keep me back from rest.
How many subtle forms it takes
  Of seeming verity,
As if it were not safe to rest
  And venture all on Thee.
O Lord, I seek a holy rest,
  A victory over sin;
I seek that Thou alone shouldst reign
  O’er all without, within.
In Thy strong hand I lay me down,
  So shall the work be done;
For who can work so wondrously
  As the Almighty One?
Work on, then, Lord, till on my soul
  Eternal light shall break,
And, in Thy likeness perfected,
  I “satisfied” shall wake.