One Thing 11/9/12

Adorer’s, True Worshipers are lost in the beauty of The Lord. We live in times where it is tempting to be afraid, angry, and cynical, but David said that it was the beauty of The Lord that adorned him, that lifted up his head above his enemies who were surrounding him. What a foolish battle plan. The Israelites went forth into battle clothed in the Presence of God. More than anytime in nations history it’s imperative that the Church in America mourn for the burning presence of The Lord. Of course we mourn over the direction of our nation, but more important, as citizens of Heaven we mourn (long) for Him. He has always been our hope for freedom and happiness. We must walk in the Baptism of fire. We must be plunged into the blazing River of His Delights until we are torched and inflamed with passion and splendor of His Glory and Love. These are the most exciting times we as a country have ever been in. We as the body of Christ have lived in an “Almost” time for so long. God is now going to use the environment around us to finally entice our corporate hearts to cry out in desperation to be “Taken Away” by Jesus to the heights He has prepared for us, and has so longed for us to long for and to dwell in. There very well may be wise steps we have to take in the days ahead, but God want us to have a Revivalist mindset, not a Survivalists mindset. We are soon, as individuals, and corporately going to move beyond the “Almost” into the WOW of Lovers lost in the beauty of God. It’s then we will become harvesters.