One Thing 1/16/13

Luke 2 tells us about an old man named Simeon who spent his days looking for Jesus. The Holy Spirit had revealed to him that he would not see death until he saw The Lord’s Christ. On the day he saw Jesus it says that he came to the Temple “In The Spirit.” I am convinced that one of the primary qualifications to live “In the Spirit” is to always be looking for Jesus, at all times, and in all situations. What I wanted you to notice today is how he describes the one he is looking for. It says in verse 25 that he was looking for “The Consolation of Israel.” I so love that description of Jesus. It has become part of my spiritual vocabulary. Israel was basically a servant nation under Rome’s rule, and was looking for the Lord’s favor. As a matter of fact, Israel had spent centuries being disciplined off and on by The Lord. Their struggle as the people of God to walk as the people of had been a difficult one, and there had been for many generations a remnant, of longing Ones, crying out for The Messiah to come and bring permanent revival to the people. In light of their history, and their present situation, the coming of Christ was thought to be their CONSOLATION. I love that description of Jesus, He is our consolation. He is, in this fallen world, our consolation; our great Prize. Paul, in Philippians, says that he was pressing on toward the goal for the Prize. He longed for, and was willing to pay any price, to fully enjoy and experience Jesus as His Consolation. I find myself continually thanking Him that He is my consolation. Especially in those places of disappointment, pain, and frustration, I remember that I have Him, His presence; He is my consolation. When I remember that, I am content, and free. I have Him, and He is enough. I don’t know what you are going through today, but He is your CONSLATION.