One Thing 11/26/12

What is your favorite Getaway? There are just those places, that we all have, that have a history of being a source of renewal, and restoration. Places of refreshing that we can all escape to. To be in those places, most of us have to plan days off of work, save money, and schedule a time. Some of you have been blessed with Getaway places that you can get to easier than others. Thank God for those places and times, but I would like to suggest the best Getaway I know of, that is accessible to all of you. Even though this Getaway is accessible to you all, in some strange magical way it is uniquely each individuals Secret Place, that belongs to you alone. It’s your own private Getaway. In this secret place you will find soul rest and refreshment of heart and mind every time. This Getaway is full of extraordinary entertainment, and yet deep and quiet renewal. I always come away from this Getaway remarkably exhilarated, fascinated, and rested. If its rest and relaxation you’re after, it is there. If it’s adventure you want; you’ve got it. If it’s affection,and affirmation; it’s yours to the hilt. Of course this Getaway is Jesus. In His presence, personality, and environment of beauty, we find the longings of our weary souls absolutely inebriated with satisfaction. The healing power of Jesus our Getaway is hard to describe; it must be experienced. The only price you have to pay is time. Even just a little time will do, but I promise you that you will build such memories, even in short visits, that getting back there more often and for longer stays will be the easiest thing you will ever do.