One Thing 11/19/12

Ecclesiastes 3:11 says that He makes everything beautiful in its time. Sometimes we are like impatient children who demand an answer immediately, but God’s infinite wisdom transcends our temporal demands for understanding. It scares us to not be in control, and our fear driven desire to know and understand everything is an expression of unbelief that wants to always be in control. You have remember that peace doesn’t come from understanding and control, instead, peace comes from faith in His ability to makes EVERYTHING beautiful in its time. When you spread everything out on the table of your life it may all look like a disjointed mess, but the truth is, if in faith you give God time and space, it will all end up beautiful. Not just GOOD, as in Romans 8:28, but BEAUTIFUL. It may not be in your timing, but through the lens of eternity, it will all be perfect timing. You will see, one day, how all the dots are connected, and you will step back and say, “Wow, how beautiful.” Let’s not wait till we understand to praise Him, lets go ahead and honor Him, by trusting Him now. Faith is the victory, so let us walk in victory now, knowing that He is making everything beautiful, even if I can’t see it just yet.