One Thing 11/12/12

Num. 32:32 “We ourselves will cross over armed in the presence of the LORD into the land of Canaan, and the possession of our inheritance shall remain with us across the Jordan.”

Everyday we face different kinds of battles that threaten our joy and peace. There are so many things published in this media driven culture, that we run to find the latest Christian “how to” book, manual, video, etc., that will show us how to have victory. We then memorize the strategy and go out to face the enemy, only after a few days or so, to come back again in defeat, looking for the next spiritual secret that will fix it all. The problem is, Christianity is a relationship, not a formula. It’s a “Who to” not a “how to.” Christianity is not a principle that is to be memorized, but a Person who is to be realized. In the passage above it says they went out to enjoy their inheritance by being “armed in the presence of The Lord.” That’s the Open Secret to victory, being adorned in His Presence that comes from remaining (abiding) before Him until you are clothed in His beauty. His presence, His beauty is your super hero suit that makes you impregnable to the enemy. It’s not you fierceness, or determination that dispels the darkness you contend with, it’s radiant beauty.