One Thing 11/1/12

Today is All Saints Day, a feast celebrated by Christians all over the world. The Orthodox Church celebrates All Saints the Sunday after Pentecost. All Saints is the Christian version of Memorial Day. On All Saints the Church remembers, and celebrates all the Saints, especially those martyred, who have gone before us, and are now in Heaven as the Church Triumphant. There are parts of the Church that think of Saints as certain special Believers who have obtained to a status referred to as Sainthood. For sure, we have great heroes that have gone before us, and we should honor their lives, but, if you are a Christian, you have all been declared Saints, not because you earned a certain status, but simple because that’s your true identity. When Paul wrote his letters to different churches he often referred to them as Saints. The word “saint” is the same word as “holy”, and it means “to be set apart, to be special, uncommon, unique.” This is what God says about all Believers; it’s what He feels and says about you. You are His Treasured One, because He has set His love on you, and that makes you unique. Revelation says that you have uniquely been set apart for His pleasure. You are His inheritance, and He is yours. He bought you with a great price and He cherishes you. You have been set apart as the Temple of the Holy Spirit, a dwelling of God in the Spirit. He has also set you apart as the eternal companion of Jesus, His Bride forever. Scripture says you ARE holy to Him; holiness is living out your true identity, as His Treasured One, daily. To be a Saint is to be His set apart Favorite One. That is a status you can’t earn, it’s just who you are, because of His gracious choice. You might say “I don’t feel like a Saint.” Please remember, it has nothing to do with behavior, or how you feel, it is all about How He feels about you.