One Thing 10/9/12

We are in a time when the Holy Spirit, who is our Escort into the heart of God, is moving in an Enticing Anointing, to allure the Beloved of Christ to press into the presence of God, where First Love is awakened. It is in that place, where we push aside all distractions, and allow the voice that is like the sound of many waters speak into our lives. When He speaks, the breakers of His presence, and the waves of His affections roll over us, sweeping us off our feet.
Using a different metaphor, Ezekiel 2:2 says that when He speaks, we are set on our feet. Contemplate this verse, “And as He spoke to me the Spirit entered me and set me on my feet.” Whenever God speaks; every time He speaks into lives, as we behold Him in our Throne Room Audience of One time, we are filled again with the Spirit and He sets us mentally, emotionally, and spiritually on our feet. His words are filled with the power to establish us and strengthen us in the inner man. As fallen people, we often come before Him with our hearts fallen into despair, and discouragement. His voice releases the torching ministry of the Holy Spirit, and as the Spirit torches us again, and again, He sets us on our feet on the inside of our hearts, so that we can walk again to face a new day, with inflamed passion and hope, instead of lying down in fear and depression. Psalm 73:25-26 says, ” Whom have I in heaven but You, and with You I desire nothing on earth. My flesh, and my heart may fail; but God is the rock (strength) of my heart and my portion forever.” If you are down today, go through the forever open door, and on the sapphire sea allow His words to ravish your heart and set you on your feet once again.