One Thing 10/31/12

What is God after? Is He after followers? Is He after disciples? Is He after workers, servants? Is He after witnesses? Maybe He is after anointed and gifted people to carry on His works of signs and wonders that make people whole, and bring fame to His name. All of these things are good and all follow when God gets the first thing He is after. God is after one thing; He is after LOVERS! God is looking to harvest hearts, whose great quest is to be true worshippers; true Lovers. Jesus revealed Himself in His resurrection first to a Lover (Mary Magdelen). He entrusted the great prophecy concerning the destiny of all mankind to a Lover (John). Jesus forever sits on the throne of a Lover (David). Workers, and servants, and witnesses, disciples, and the anointed, burn out and turn back, but Lovers, press in, and press on with burning hearts, and a Lovers fire in their eyes. Controlled and compelled by the love of Christ they follow Him, bear witness of His great passion, do works as acts of worship, serve as acts of affection, and move in signs and wonders, because they are one with His heart. It’s called the First Commandment life, not the First Suggestion life. Mary (who I believe was Mary Magdelen) in Luke 10 CHOSE the best part, and Jesus said that choice would never be taken away from her. Choose a First Love life. It is truly the most exhilarating life of lovesick adventure you could ever imagine. If you just say yes, The Holy Spirit will show you how. He promised, in light of a choice to be a Lover of God, to never take that away from you.