One Thing 10/26/12

Song 1:4 ¶ Take me away with you—let us hurry!
Let the king bring me into his chambers.
We rejoice and delight in you;
we will praise your love more than wine.
How right they are to adore you!

Jesus said in John 4 that the Father was looking for “True Worshippers.” That doesn’t mean that God is looking for people who will sing with sincerity, and intensity, instead, He is looking for intimate “Adorers.” That word “worship” in John 4 actually comes from two words that mean, “to move toward, or approach,” and “to kiss.” God is looking for true Intimate Adorers, True Lovers. In the the first line of verse 4, the Shulamite prays the prayer that Jesus longs to hear every Christian pray; “Take me away with you-let us hurry.” It’s the prayer of a Lovesick heart that wants to live the life of a “True Intimate Adorer.” To run away with Him to the place of wholehearted devotion, and adoration; to hurry from the place of “Almost,” is the life that delights His Lovesick heart.
Jer. 10:19 ¶ Woe is me, because of my broken (shattered) heart!
My wound is incurable.
But I said, “Truly this is a sickness,
And I must bear it.”
God’s heart is shattered in love with you, His heart is an eternal open wound of love for you. His, is a lovesick heart, and He must bear it, for it is incurable. Jesus is always wooing us, enticing us, longing for us to rise up and come away with Him; may my response quench His thirsting heart; may my prayer be “Take me way with You-let us hurry.”