One Thing 10/23/12

As I’ve contemplated the beauty realm of God that we are invited up to every time we pray, I’ve begun to realize this is going to be an eternal search and discovery. One of the fascinating realities before the Throne is a mighty expanse, something like a sea of glass, like crystal, the color of sapphire, all mixed with fire. This sea has an awesome, and terrifying gleam. Exodus 24 refers to it as pavement. It’s the surface below our feet as we abide in His presence. There are so many things that we will see about the sapphire sea in the future, but there is one thing that I want us to see today. First we have to ask three questions; why a glass (crystal) sea, and why blue (sapphire), and why the mixture of fire. I believe the Glass speaks of “transparency,” and “Blue” speaks of truth, and the “Fire” obviously speaks of God’s love and passion.Again, that’s not all these two things speaks of, but we can start here. All of us long to love, and be love, in a transparent relationship, full of truth and passion. Every time we approach His throne of grace, that’s what happens; we move into the realm where there is no more hiddeness and insecurity. There is before His great beauty, no holding back, or fear of rejection, only total transparency, honesty, and Gods unconditional passion. Just think, you get to disclose your heart, without vanity, or embarrassment, in an environment of intense unconditional love, where God transparently reveals His heart and beauty. WOW!!! More tomorrow. In the meantime PRAY, it’s the most exhilarating thing you can do.