One Thing 10/2/12

Unfortunately, we have made prayer life sound like the most boring experience a person could ever have, when the truth is, your prayer life should be the most captivating thing you’ve ever known. To be in the presence of The Lord, beholding His face is both extraordinarily sobering, and thrilling. It is literally beyond imagination. God’s open invitation is an invitation to come and be before Him on in the Throne Room, where reality is remarkably beyond any fantasy Hollywood could ever dream up. Every time we pray, we get to sit at His footstool on the sapphire sea of glass that’s mixed with the fire of His burning heart. His face is like the sun in its shinning, and His presence produces a radiance that radiates from the fire of His very being. From the fire of His presence a river of fire flows which sweeps you away in Real Love. It’s that river flowing from His presence that feeds the crystal sea with its fire. His voice is like the sound of many waters, peals of thunder, and sometimes the sound of heavenly shofars. The flashes of lightening, which are bursts of His great love expressed toward you at any moment, strike, leaving an everlasting mark on your heart. Every time He speaks, the Spirit enters you and sets you on your feet (establishes you in your inner man). He so loves to speak to us, as the Holy Spirit, like seven blazing torches, darts back and forth, as the Spirit of of revelation, revealing the heart of God to us. There is so much to say; even more to experience. This is the environment of prayer, Beloved of The Lord. This is a small glimpse of the beauty realm of God we are invited into. It certainly brings new meaning to Paul’s admonition to devote ourselves to prayer. What a gracious, and glorious invitation. The desire to pray, to sit at His footstool, beholding His beauty, is becoming the strongest temptation on my life.