One Thing 10/15/12

Acts 1:14 All these with one accord were devoting themselves to prayer, together with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and his brothers.

Someone sent me a word from someone else that God used to ignite a word in me. The two words “one accord” in this verse comes from two words that mean, “together,” and “passion, or heart.” The Holy Spirit fell on a group of people who were before the throne, in the upper room, praying with one heart. We’ve talked a lot lately about seeking the Lord’ face, and beholding His beauty. Living a Dove’s life in the secret place of the steep pathway that Song of Solomon 2 talks about. Every time we pray, we are invited to come to the sapphire sea, before His throne, and worship at Hs footstool. I believe this is where One Heartedness takes place. God is not going to pour out His Spirit without measure on a person, or a people who have divided hearts. A heart that tolerates offense, bitterness, fault finding, and criticalness, will never know the full River of His delights, but in His presence, in that realm of melting tenderness His lives in, he is able to tenderize the most disapproving heart. I would encourage all of you, as you worship before Him, ask Him to heal you of any division in your heart toward others. Ask Him to tenderize your heart, to burn, and melt away all excuses, and attitudes. If you want Him to be Zealous for you life, and know His zealous activity on your behalf, your heart must be tender toward others. Acts 1:4 tells me this happens as you get in the Upper Room, where the blazing heart of God can do its work in yours. One Heartedness happens in the Upper Room.