One Thing 10/14/12

Biblically, the day begins at sunset. Even though our new day begins at midnight, psychologically we think of the new day beginning at sunrise, and when we wake to face the world. One of the reasons the Jewish day starts at sundown is to remind us that we begin each new day with rest and sleep, knowing that when we rise the next morning, to face life, God will have already been at work on the things we will be facing. We aren’t just resting, we are resting in Him, Who is working in the dark. Psalm 121 talks about looking to God for help; the God who never slumbers or sleeps. It’s so awesome to know that we can sleep, instead of losing sleep worrying and fretting, because He will stay awake working on those things that involve my life. Metaphorically, night time, and darkness represent those dark situations in our lives that so trouble us, that can involve the activity of the enemy, who operates in spiritual, and emotionally dark places. In those times, we can rest in our hearts, know that working in darkness, while we rest (trust) is one of God’s specialties. I’m so grateful that my King, who isn’t afraid of the things (situations) that go “bump” in the night never slumbers or sleeps, so that I can.