Nine 11/4/12

Recently I had a prophetic dream and it was one of those dreams where every time I would wake up and go back to sleep I would pick up the dream where I left off.  I dreamt Olivia and I were expecting a baby.  I knew that Olivia wasn’t pregnant but we were waiting for the hospital to call to let us know when the baby arrived.  I was very excited in anticipation of the arrival of the baby and finally the call came from the hospital.  They said we don’t have just one baby but nine.  Nonutuplets!  I was really excited to tell Olivia, but as I was telling her about it I started to get really nervous about it.  I said ‘Olivia we have nine babies, how are we going to handle that?’  The next morning the Lord began to speak to me and give me the interpretation of the dream.  In scripture the number nine represents a number of things, nine fruits or gifts of the Spirit.  Nine is associated with the power of the Spirit, the activity and favor of the Spirit.  Nine is the prophetic number for the Holy Spirit; Jesus crucifixion happened at the ninth hour; the generation between Adam and Abraham was nine; between Abraham and Moses was nine.  Nine represents transition both biblically and prophetically a time of transition.  When one season comes to an end and dying but there is resurrection where a new season is coming.  The new season has the favor, blessing and the power of the Holy Spirit behind it.  What the Lord showed me was many of us and the body of Christ as a whole is going through this transition. One season is passing away and dying and there is an emerging, a birthing of a whole new season with a greater measure of favor and the power of the Holy Spirit.  This is a word for churches and parishes, as well as individuals. You can expect one season to be coming to an end where there will be significant transition.  You will be coming into a new season where a whole new thing is going to be happening. It doesn’t mean that the old was bad, it’s just coming to an end and a new there is a new thing, a new season emerging.  In this new season you can expect great manifestation of the favor and the power of God.

Be on the lookout, if you already see transitioning happening, expect that a new thing with greater power is being birthed.  Nine is a number to be looking out for – nines or double nines – as a confirmation because there will always be two witnesses.  God will confirm this so pay close attention, the number nine will be used in some way.