New Optics

Though my Bride will always see through a glass darkly until that day when they see my unfiltered face, I’m am giving to my Church new optics. I’m am applying eyesalve and changing your your spiritual lenses so that you will be able to see more clearly than ever before. There are things that I am doing in this day that require 20/20 vission. Blurry eye sight will not do. You can’t afford to be nearsighted of farsighted in this day. You must be able to discern those things that are close to you, and those things that are happening in the world, so that you can walk in faith, and wisdom. As long as that enemy can keep you ignorant by keeping you from being able to see clearly, it is bliss to him. If you can’t see, you can’t follow, andim moving fast. Don’t be afraid. I am giving you new optics. By faith receive them, and see your seeing see. Is that CLEAR.