New Ghost Busters


June 12, 2011


I saw in the Spirit, and heard the Lord say that we’re living in a time when God is raising up new people with the ministry of deliverance, who will be filled with much more wisdom and much more authority than those who came before them.  Those in this last generation of the early 60s and 70s were like trailblazers, and God used them in powerful ways, and yet, many times they flowed out of pure faith without much wisdom or knowledge.  But now the need for people to be set free from the powers of darkness and to experience true deliverance is still great, and even greater than ever before.  God is raising up new warriors, new ghostbusters who are filled with as much faith, if not more than the previous generation, but with much more wisdom and knowledge.  There won’t be near the sensationalism surrounding them and their ministries, but it will be done with quiet exactness, impact and influence.  We’re going to see new ministries dedicated and committed to doing the work of deliverance with much more success, a higher level of anointing, and a greater spirit of testimony that will come forth from the work that’s done.