Moving Targets 11/30/16

Monday morning during prayer I heard the Lord speak to me “Moving Targets.” Planes, trains, and buses, are going to be targeted as second heaven plans. Also, I saw cars being used as weapons of destruction. I know that is a weapon and not a target, but that is what I saw, and heard.
I did see cars being targeted also, but not single cars under assault, but multiple cars at a time. I’m not sure if all of this about accidents, or terrorist activity, therefore not being sure, I assume it is both. As you know Monday afternoon there was a single terrorist attack, with a car partly being used as a weapon, on a college campus here in America, and Monday night there was an airline accident of a Brazilian plane on the was to Columbia.
This is a word for all Intercessors who, in partnership, with our Bridegroom King, can help shape history.
Keep Israel on high alert in your heart.