Major Shift 813/13

I’m on an Airplane flying to Orlando. Just before the plane took off The Lord spoke “Major Shift.” His voice was almost audible. It was very clear that He didn’t say “shift,” or “a time of shifting,” instead, He clearly said “We are in a Major Shift.” He followed up with these words; ” There is a major shift happening NOW in the Spirit. This will effect individuals, and groups of people, and institutions. A Major Shift will bring about Major Change, and therefore will require Major Adjustments. It is a time when many will say ‘ We are like those who dream, and now our dreams have come true’. It is a time for celebration party’s to break out. Yet, those who won’t adjust in their personal and corporate lives, will also know a major shift, but from My purposes, not toward them. My Spirit will make the necessary adjustments very clear, and will release a great grace to every willing heart to be able release and rest in joyful surrender and repentance.”