Light Will Shine Out Of Darkness 1/23/18

There are couple things prophetically that I want to share. Recently it’s been coming out of me but I have not been speaking it to people.

America as we have known it is coming to an end. It is happening right before our eyes, but that is not a bad thing that should cause us to despair.  If we don’t have eyes to see what God is doing in all of this, it will be easy to get discouraged and feel hopeless.

The other thing that I’ve seen is a vision of the teeter totter.  I believe the Lord spoke that America is teetering on the edge of darkness.  I saw directly behind one end of the teeter totter a very dark dark chasm. Again, I know that is all sounds terrible but it is important for us to remember the ways of God. Psalm 103:6-7 says, “The Lord performs righteous deeds, and judgments for all who are oppressed. He made known His ways to Moses, His acts to the sons of Israel.” This is a season when we must have the heart of Moses to be able to look beyond the obvious to discern the ways of God. Often times God is answering our prayers but we misread what’s happening because the circumstances seem to be indicating just the opposite. In the Old Testament, God gave Joseph dreams about being in positions of authority and influence, yet almost from that very moment every circumstance went just the opposite direction.  It was 13 years before the dream came true.

I believe that God has spoken clearly about there being a revival coming to the church in America, because remember revival first comes the household of God, and then the house of God is able to harvest the lost. Throughout Israel’s history there were many expressions of apostasy and revival, and every time revival emerged when things were at there darkest. Think of every manifestation of revival throughout church history; every time the light shone out of darkness. All the great awakenings, the Welsh revival, etc. etc. happened as a culture teetered on the edge of darkness. Desperation has always been the environment necessary for the manifestation of the revival which the church has carried since it’s birth in the book of Acts.

Again, remember that revival happens to the church first, and revival isn’t the church getting something she didn’t already have; revival is when, in the place of glorious desperation, the church begins to manifest the fullness of Christ that she already possesses. Once the church begins to manifest the fullness of Jesus in any place, the net is cast and the unsaved are also brought in because the glorious expression of the life of Christ through His Bride is irresistible.

If you remember in 1 Kings 17, God spoke to Elijah about revival and he proclaimed it to Ahab. The Lord then told him to set himself apart and to live by a brook east of the Jordan. After a period of time, the brook dried-up and Elijah had to leave that place. The brook dried up because it didn’t rain, and it didn’t rain because Elijah proclaimed that it would not rain, and then I’m sure he prayed into the very thing he had proclaimed. In other words, the drought was the result of his prayer and prophetic word concerning Israel.

We’re seeing the brook dry up in America so that God can raise His church up in glorious liberty to change America, but not an America we’ve ever known before; something far better. It’s important to remember that when I say that the America that we have known is coming to an end that, no matter how good you think America has been in the past, she has not yet reached her potential, therefore the old has to come to an end with the new to come forth. I understand the sentiments in the idea behind “making America great again,” but that’s not what God is after; He is after something far better than anything we’ve ever seen before.

Therefore, don’t be discouraged if darkness seems to surround, and America seems to be teetering, and tottering, and coming apart at the seams, because that is not an indication that the prayer for revival is not being answered. Instead, God wants you to hear prophetically that it is evidence that what we have been contending for in faith is actually happening before our eyes. When the Lord gets through with all of this, America will not look like she used to look, or like you thought she would look. When God does something, it is exceedingly, abundantly, beyond anything we could ever ask or imagine. This is not time to lose hope, but it is time to stand on our tiptoes expectantly knowing that in the end light will shine out of darkness.