Leaving your Islands of Isolation

In this season many will leave their islands after years of isolation. There are many who because of hurt or disappointment have lived on islands of isolation, that have actually been islands of insolation, to protect themselves from being hurt again. Because of the isolation, and insolation they have been on the outside looking in, becoming more and more cynical, critical, and suspicious. In trying to avoid disappointment, they have ended up living in a constant state of disappointment. In this place they have prevented themselves from being hurt again by others, but have desperately injured themselves from the self inflicted wounds of displacement. To not trust is to not risk hurt, but it is also to not love, and to not be involved in the wild adventure of the purposes of God. The Holy Spirit is taking people by the healed hand of Jesus, and leading them off of their islands, and propelling them into the throngs of life in the Body of Christ. These brothers and sisters bring their much needed gifts, and anointings back to the Church. They will seem awkward at first because their spiritual social skills have been stunted. As much as they need the Body, the Body needs them, so we must encourage them. Some of them will be powerful Leaders in this next spiritual Tsunami. As the Holy Spirit heals them up, they will have much to say to the Church to help her navigate this next Move, so that we can limit those who are hurt by friendly fire. We must not judge them as they come home, never forgetting that we have stood only because of the grace of God.