July 26, 2011 – Lookers and Onlookers

I got this word the 11th or 12th of July. In this year of ‘11, it is important that you become a “looker”, not an “onlooker”.
Anna and Simeon lived in an 11th hour time, where the prophetic clock was about to strike 12 and the Messiah would appear on the scene. Those who are alert to the purposes of God were on their spiritual tip toes, anticipating the fulfillment of the prophetic promises. Anna and Simeon were 11th hour people who were looking for the consolation of Israel. They were intent and sacrificial in their quest to see the tangible manifestation of the presence and purposes of God fulfilled.
Simeon held Jesus in his arms. He experienced the incarnation of the prophetic word. He held the presence of Christ, seeing the fulfillment of the promises he had been longing and looking for.
Luke 2 says that Jesus was prepared in the presence of all people, but only the “lookers” saw him and held him. The “onlookers” missed the fulfillment. The magis themselves were “lookers”. How did all the others in Jerusalem miss the signs of the star? It’s because they were “onlookers”. Onlookers are curious and interested spectators who never get to hold in their hands the fulfillment of the prophetic word. Lookers put themselves in position and sacrificially contend for the purposes of God and the presence of Christ with heightened anticipation.
We are in the 11th hour. Many of you have contended for the fulfillment of promises and purposes for quite a while. It is not time to stop! Both Simeon and Anna were old but they were not tired in their desire and holy labor in the spirit to see and hold what God had promised. You must shake off all weariness and keep contending because the fulfillment is almost here. Don’t become an onlooker. Don’t be discouraged by delay. I believe it could happen any day and especially when the clock strikes 12. The year 2012 is going to be a year of great fulfillment where you will see and hold in your hands the presence of Jesus and the promises of God you’ve been longing for. If you have been an onlooker, it’s not too late. Repent of your indifference and start laboring by faith for the presence and purposes of God. God’s scandalous generosity will not leave you out in the 11th hour and you will see the grace of God come to you in 2012.