Jesus the ‘Leading Man’ 07.30.13

This word was received on July 18th – while in prayer the Lord started speaking to me about the things he is doing on the earth what he spoke was not just a personal word for each of us but also a corporate word which characterizes this move of God more than anything else.  Colossians 1:18 “He is also head of the body, the church; He is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, so that He Himself will come to have (preeminence) first place in everything”. This is what the Lord is doing; he is re-establishing the preeminence of Christ.  The focus of our Christian lives and the focus of this movement (this great revival we are starting to see these early stages of) is ‘it’s all about Jesus’; re-establishing Christ as preeminent.  It is not going to be primarily about signs and wonders – these will follow.  It’s not just about the harvest of souls however souls are harvested once Christ is lifted up.  It’s going to be about extravagant affection for Jesus and extraordinary Christ likeness.

The word that he spoke was I am re-establishing Jesus as the ‘leading man’. Christianity is about the person of Jesus and our lives are to be the autobiography of the life of Jesus.  That means Jesus has come into our lives to tell His own story as the leading man.  Not your story or my story but His story.  He doesn’t want us to tell His story, only He can tell his own story.  This is an autobiographical play and in our individual lives we have not done a very good job acting like Jesus.  Jesus is living inside of us because he knows how to be Himself.   This is the essence of this word Christ being re-established as the leading man, living the life that he lives through us.  He is not going to be a co-star, he won’t be a supporting actor it’s a one man play.  He is using our lives as the stage to which he lives out his own life before the world.

For so many years we have been trying to live His story and in the process we have given a cheap imitation of Christ.  This is a one person play.  We are simply the stage where this play is played out, Jesus himself living out his life on the stage of our lives before the world telling His story, Christ being re-established as the leading man.  Colossians is the key verse,  Jesus having first place.  The pre-eminence of Jesus is the dominant theme of what God is going to do in our lives and in this move of God.  That is what the Holy Spirit has come to do, it says in John 16 ‘He has come to glorify Jesus’. We are living in a day where Jesus is being glorified as the leading man of ‘His’ own story.