It is our fault 7/22/15

Darkness cannot prevail unless there is no light. Decay cannot spread unless there is no salt.  America is becoming what it is becoming because the Church is not being what the Church is called to be. America does not need revival; the Church in America needs revival. It does no good to be angry with the darkness or to pray against the darkness a rail against the darkness. There is only one way to remove darkness and that is by turning on a light that is bright enough to dispel all darkness and all shadows.  Again, there is no point in being angry or disappointed that darkness and decay act like darkness and the decay,  that’s all they know how to do. What we need is for light to act like the light of the world and for salt to be the salt of the earth.  The Lord spoke thisword to me clearly a few weeks ago after the Supreme Court decision to support same-sex marriage. I’ve been processing it since then. Christians are so focused on America and it’s decay and decline, but that is not where their focus needs to be. Instead, our hearts must be broken over the condition of the church in America  which has allowed the darkness to grow and the decay to spread in America, by simply not being bright enough, or salty enough. The Lord said to me our focus is not to be on the problem; instead our focus is to be on the solution, and God’s only  solution is His Church on the earth.  God does not have a Plan B; His only plan is the Church. It is not a salt of the earth; it is THE salt of the earth.  It is not a light of the world it is THE light of the world. Therefore, what we need is for the Church to come into full revival. Become normal. Revival is coming back to NORMAL, contains and manifesting the FULLNESS OF JESUS. WE ARE HIS BODY AND THUS CARRY HIS LIFE IN THIS DYING AND DECAYING WORLD. Only when the church is restored to full brightness, and complete saltiness will the darkness and the decay be pushed back.  We are seeing real early signs of a genuine revival in the Church in America, and crying out for the fullness of Christ  to be manifested in and through the Church in America is America’s only hope. The Lord said it is important that His people stop  having the wrong focus. Our focus and our burden must be for the Church in America to experience a full Awakening. I believe she will. It’s the Church’s fault if the decline continues because darkness can’t resist light and decay can’t resist salt. Revival in the Church isn’t a spiritual phrased to be argued over, it is Americas only hope. The Lord said that if  His people really understood the actual problem in America which is the church then we would spend more time praying for the church to experience revival, and crying out for it in our own lives and local churches.  We sadly spend more time as believers talking about America’s decline; writing about it in social media and commentaries, than we spend time praying for the solution which is His Church being light and salt. It is time  stop being distracted by the devil from the real issue which is not the decline of America but instead, the decline of the Church in America.  I’m believing God for revival, and I believe God is calling us all to that same hope, cry, and expectation.