Israeli Independence 5/14/12

On this day in 1948 Israel officially became an independent nation. We live in a time now that Israel will once again be declaring its independence. This time it will be from America. It’s not that America and Israel will stop having a relationship, it’s imperative for America to never forsake that relationship, but Israel will declare its dependence for its safety on Yahweh and not America. They have spent so many years allowing the voice of America to direct their actions that they have made an idol out of America’s help. For Israel to experience the move of God he intends for her, then she must declare her independence from all but Jehovah. God will use this declaration to cause the population to pray and seek God like in 2 Chronicles 20. As the people once again learn to cry out to Him, God will shape their hearts for Him, and He will once again prove Himself to the Apple of His Eye with signs and wonders.