Israel update 2/4/12

About ten days ago I spoke a word in a public service that God had really put Israel on my heart. Israel is always on my heart, but this was different for this particular time. It didn’t get posted on Aslan. Just yesterday it was reported was reported that Leon Panetta, our Secretary of Defense said that Israel was likely to bomb Iran sometime In the spring. This was amazing betrayal on behalf of the USA. Secretary Panetta was doing this to expose Israel in hopes of pressuring them to back off. Israel has been very. On earned for some time about Iran’s nuclear capacity and their pledge to destroy Israel. For years now the US has been pressuring them to not act, while we do nothing. This is a clear indication of our weakening support for Israel. This trend, if continued will be disastrous for the USA. Pray for Israel, and pray for the USA. This a critical time for America, and she can ill afford to abandon Israel