Incoming Mail 8/8/11

The Incoming Mail (8-1-11)


A few days ago, the Lord was speaking to me that we are moving into a time where there is going to be a lot of incoming mail.  It’s a time for hidden treasures, for a spirit of revelation to be released.  There’s going to be a lot of incoming mail brought to the people of God.  New people who have never really thought they could hear prophetic things are going to be hearing prophetic things – fresh revelation from God, insight into the ways of God.  It’s going to be a time of massive incoming mail.  I saw the news where the U.S. Postal Service is considering closing about 3000 local post offices, and the Lord spoke to me and said, if we are going to receive the incoming mail, there’s a lot of non-prosperous mailboxes that have to be closed.  We’ve been getting mail from too many other sources, from the enemy.  We’ve been listening to the enemy, and there are a lot of post offices that are not prosperous, and those things have to be closed.  We have to stop listening to the voice of the enemy.  We’ve got to stop listening to the voice of the enemy if it’s coming through another person.  We’ve got to stop listening to those conversations in our head.  We’ve got to stop receiving mail that’s not prosperous.  If we’ll close down those mailboxes, if we’ll close down those post office boxes in the Spirit, if we’ll close down those post offices in the Spirit then we can start receiving incoming mail that is prosperous, that is productive, that does come from the Lord.  When you open up that mail it’s going to be full of hidden treasures of insights and prophetic words from God.  His voice is going to be clearer than ever before.  We’re coming into a time where there’s going to be more incoming mail than we’ve ever known before, more than you’ve ever known or experienced before.  But you have to close some of the unproductive and non-prosperous post offices for that to happen.  There is too much mail coming in from places that aren’t healthy and holy.