“In Christ” famine in the land 1/2/17

I believe we have a generation who are experiencing a famine concerning the “In Christ” reality that is true about us.  I get reports all the time of how this generation is leaving the church but what I see is a greater generation of worshipers and passionate warriors than I’ve ever seen before.  The Holy Spirit is restoring some amazing things, but in restoring to us that part of the fullness of Christ that releases and moves in signs and wonders, sometimes our young people, who believe in the supernatural more than any other generation I’ve seen, at least in the west, can miss the foundation.

The foundation of revelation and the most supernatural thing about us, is who we are in Christ.  We are in Christ. Christ is in us. There is this mutual intimacy and indwelling that we share with Him and out of that place, out of His very life in us and our life in Him, flows everything else.  The fullness of Christ coming forth in holiness, which must be foundational,  then manifests signs and wonders, which is absolutely necessary as we advance the kingdom of God in this generation.

We are experiencing an “In Christ” famine but I believe that the Lord has showed me that He is going to raise up thousands of voices who once again are foundational people.  They will rebuild the foundation of who we are in Christ, and from that foundation, they will be able to steward, in a sustainable way, the fullness of Christ.

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