Hush 8/23/12

Three time in the Old Testament we are told to “Be silent before the Lord.” Those words “Be silent” in Hebrew literally mean “Hush.” We are living in a Lamp time before the Lord. We have cried out to know Him and love Him at an extravagant level. We’ve been mourning for more disclosure of His beauty, and deeper union with Him, and He in response has taken out His Lamp and is stooping down and searching out even the smallest remnant of ancient ruins that cause us to stumble in our pursuit of loving Him without a stagnant spirit. Whenever the Lord is aroused from His holy habitation in response to our deep longings it is a time to Hush and allow Him to speak to our hearts. Be prepared for Him, as He awakens First Love in us, to take out His Lamp. He loves us thoroughly, and His Lamp Work is to reveal and thoroughly cleans us. Many of you, who have dealt with ancient ruins in your life, will find in this Lamp Season, that God is going to deal with some left over remnants that never got confronted. The Lord is the Lord of “Utterly Destroying” the works of the enemy in our lives. Lamp Season means no more remnants. It is a time of glorious upheaval that we must pass through if we will Love Him in the purity that causes us to see Him in ways we’ve only dreamed of. It’s time to HUSH and allow the One whose eyes are fire, to burn away, with those smitten eyes of His, the last remnant of whimpering rivals to His great heart. It’s a sealing season. Hearts sealed by fire.