Holy Spirit Will Not Abandon Me

A Testimony from School of Prophets 2014
by Hugh Morris
Ashville, NC

I am not very disciplined at asking God about things I should do. I just don’t stop and think, “Is this what the Lord wants me to do?” When I heard about the School of Prophets, I did not ask God if He wanted me to go, I just decided that I wanted to go.

Why did I want to go? First, I grew up in the Methodist Church, where the Gifts of the Holy Spirit were smothered with faint praise and deep study. The most important gifts seemed to be teaching (especially Sunday School), giving, helping with the building and grounds, and administration. Prophecy and Tongues were discussed briefly in classes on the gifts. Then nothing more was said. So I was curious.

Second, I was hoping I could learn something that would help me with my writing. I have written several short stories, none published. I wanted to retire and work on my writing. Perhaps, I hoped, there would be something in this conference that would help my ‘writer’s muse’.

Third, I needed a break. I needed to get away from the World and spend some time with God.

Fourth, my wife said that I was supposed to go. I did not ask God about it, as I said. I just told my boss I needed the time off. It took the working of the Holy Spirit to get my boss to say I could go. When doubts about going arose, it was my wife who said I was supposed to go.

So, how did it work out?

First, I saw the Holy Spirit working in a way I had never seen before. I entered the School rather skeptical; I exited the School absolutely certain. I observed the Holy Spirit reveal things that the person reporting the revelation could not possibly know.

Second, I met someone who is also a writer. He gave me some encouragement and his email address. I now have a Christian friend who writes. That is a blessing.

Third, I returned home refreshed, renewed and full of the Holy Spirit. My wife said I looked and sounded better than I had in years.

Fourth, well… If I had asked God, He would have said, “Go.” And then I would not have had the doubt and worry that I experienced.

When we arrived in Selma I saw that the motel was literally next door to the cathedral. Amazing! It was as if the motel was part of the School of Prophecy campus. And I ended up in a room that had a view of the cathedral. It was easy to see that the cathedral was a very unpretentious building: very accessible to those who are humble. However, if you want to be seen entering a “Notre Dame” style building, you’ll have a difficult time walking through those doors.

Abp. Jones was pretty much like the swimming instructor who tells you a bit about the lake and then throws you in. But there’s no better way to learn how to swim than to be forced to swim. After you know you can swim, then you can learn the proper movement of arms and legs: if you know you can do it then you pay better attention to the technique.
There is a technique to prophecy. It’s called courtesy. It’s the old fashioned, king-in-his-court type of courtesy. As a prophet, you are in the court of the King. You hear what the King says. Then you tell the proper person what the King told you. The King would require that you do this with all courtesy.

Some interesting things happened to me in Selma. One was that I got to meet Abp. Adler. I have never met anyone who is as historically important as Bishop Adler. It was an honor to meet him.

On the other end of the scale, I found a ‘wee chippie’ in Selma! My wife & I have made several trips to Scotland (her family is Clan Gordon). But I’ve never seen a Fish and Chips place quite like this one. Truly fascinating: Southern cuisine meets Scottish efficiency.

For me, the School did not end on Saturday as we headed home. Instead, on Sunday morning, at worship in Asheville, the Lord continued to instruct me. I have been in the habit of raising my hands to the Lord for many, many years (even before I joined the CEC). I have carpel tunnel syndrome in both of my hands, thus I get a tingling in my hands from time to time. On that Sunday morning as I raised my hands in praise, I felt like the Holy Spirit was empowering me. I raised my hands high. I felt the Holy Spirit. He let me know that the tingling in my hands may never go away, but that I should understand that He would express Himself through my hands. I should be using my hands as He directs.

Fr. Bill asked the students from the School to come forward. We prophesied in like manner to what we had seen and done in Selma. I learned that, even if I am feeling unworthy or unsure, the Holy Spirit will not abandon me at a time He had directed for me to prophesy.