Holy Scribes

Holy Scribes 6/8/11

God is raising up in this generation holy scribes, many of who will write in this country, in particular anointed books. May of these books will appear as ground breakers, spelling out clearly the purposes and ways of God like never before. Men and women, who like Paul, have been to the 3rd heaven and in the innermost chambers of the heavenly places of God, will report what they have seen and what they have heard. Even though there have been thousands and thousands of books written about Christ, and about God and his ways, there is already appearing a fresh anointing, a people of insight into the innermost places of the heart of God and insight into the ways of God, and they are able to spell them out, like a,b,c,d so that people can see and understand things more clearly than before. Anointed writers are being raised up in this country and they are going to write books that give clarity like never before. This is the anointed generation to spell out things in the spirit that create 20/20 vision because it comes from a place of 20/20 vision.