Held Captive by The Love of Christ

While in prayer, contemplating the life and love of Anna, I asked God a question. “Why was Anna such a good finisher?” Anna stayed with for 62 years, worshiping and serving God for over 60 years, with fastings and prayers in the Temple. How did she last. At 84 she was still passionately seeking Him, and crying out for His purposes. There had to have been times when she grew weary, when she contemplated quitting, or at least taking a day off, yet the scriptures make it very clear that she never left the Temple, serving night and day. I don’t know if she had a home she went to to rest, or if she lived in the Temple compound, but either way she never let up in her pursuit of Him and His purposes. As a matter of fact, verse 37 says, ‘she never left the Temple.’ The language there actually should be translated, ‘she kept on not leaving,’ as if to indicate that there was always practical reasons to stop but she just couldn’t. Something held her captive to her impassioned pursuit. Why are so many of us such poor finishers? What made Anna different? It couldn’t be just her personality type. If its a personality issue then only a select few can know the rewards of finishing. It would mean its just a flesh issue for those with strong will power. As I asked the question,The Lord spoke so clearly that Anna was held captive by something beyond her. He said, ” The Tracter Beam of my love held her captive. There was no escape for her.” Have you ever been so attracted to something, that you couldn’t stay away, or stop looking at it. Then The Lord said, “Tell my Beloved if they will just get close enough, my love and beauty will be like a Tracter Beam that will hold them captive. It will hold them in a place from which there will be no escape.” This is a time when many who have not been finishers will finish their pursuit of His face and heart. The Anna anointing is being released on the Earth like never, before. The Lord has heard your cries that have flowed from desperate but frustrated hearts. There is a Greater Grace being released, luring people close, until the Tracter Beam of my Lovesick heart snares them and holds them tight. Just start beholding Him. Stare a little. DARE TO STARE TIL SNARED. As the love of God holds you captive you will discover that not only will you become a finisher in your pursuit of Him, something in you will start to transform, and you will begin to finish in all the ares of your life, where you could never finish before. It’s the order of a Lovesick heart. Amazingly, God reminded me of a headline I glanced at yesterday, but didn’t read or pay attention to. I was riding in a car. After I got the word about the Tracter Beam this morning, I remembered something about that headline I saw yesterday. when I looked it up, I saw that it was all over the news, declaring the invention of a real Tracter Beam. Very, very prophetic headline and story. I’ve posted the story below.

Scientists create real tractor beam that can move objects

Updated 12:39 28 Jan 2013 by T3 Online
While it won’t be moving large objects through space any time soon, this early tractor beam has huge potential in medicine giving scientists the ability to target particles

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In a scientific breakthrough, a team of physicists at the University of St. Andrews has managed to create a genuine tractor beam,which is capable of using light to attract objects towards it.

The study, led by researcher Dr. Tom Cizmar, is currently limited to microscopic particles, but it is hoped that it can one day be developed for medical application, by targeting and attracting specific, individual cells.

This is thought to be the first time that a tractor beam has been used to attract objects towards a light source, although practical scientific theories on tractor beams have been developed since 1960.

Scientists have previously used a technique called an optical vortex to move individual particles using beams of light, but this new approach works in liquids and a vacuum.

Dr. Cizmar believes the new technology has huge potential: “The practical applications could be very great, very exciting. The tractor beam is very selective in the properties of the particles it acts on, so you could pick up specific particles in a mixture.”

“Eventually this could be used to separate white blood cells, for example.”

This isn’t the first time scientists have tried to use a tractor beam to attract objects. In 2011, researches in China and Hong Kong showed how it could be done, by using a specific shape of laser beam. NASA then funded a study to examine how this technique could be used in space.

The team at the University of St Andrews worked with colleagues at the Institute of Scientific Instruments in the Czech Republic, and managed to uncover a way of reversing a technique that has been around for centuries.

In 1619 German astronomer Johannes Kepler observed that tails of comets always point away from the sun, leading to scientists discovering a way of moving microscopic objects along the direction of a beam of light, by the light photons.

In the new breakthrough, the team of researchers managed to create a technique that allowed for that force to be reversed.

Unfortunately, though, the new technology will not be able to move large objects like you may have seen in some science fiction. According to Dr. Cizmar the transfer of energy required to move the object results in the object heating up, and although this is fine on a microscopic scale, on a macro scale it would cause huge problems.