Heavens Report 11/8/16

I heard the Lord speak clearly to me today, “Tell my people that in the midst of all the reporting that will be done today to put their faith in heavens report, not earths. Things are never what they seem to be. They are only when I say they are. In the end, the only outcome that carries the four winds of The Spirit are the outcomes that I determine. There is a fire that is burning, that no man can extinguish, and it will burn across this land consuming everything.  It is the fire of God; the fire of revival, that so many have laid their life down for, and the four winds of The Spirit will not lay down for any voice. Raise your hopes to the heavens. Lift up your voices in praise. I am riding on the wings of the wind just as I promised, bringing redemption and deliverance  with a fierce volition.”