Hadrian 8.6.17

Several weeks ago as I walked into the sanctuary I heard the Holy Spirit speak a word to me at the noon service.  The word that I heard was Hadrian and it caught my attention because it was such a strong word, like an audible voice from the Lord.  As I was walking through the service the Lord continued to speak the word Hadrian and it echoed in me.  The Holy Spirit began to speak if America doesn’t experience genuine revival then we will be in a process of slipping into the reign of Hadrian.

After the service I began learn as much as I could about this word and started to research its meaning.  Like a similar word given a year ago about the reign of Diocletian, another Roman Emperor who was one of the most oppressive ruler’s in Rome’s history.  He had more Christian’s slaughtered in an 8 year reign than any other.  The Lord made it very clear we were slipping into and moving towards the reign of Hadrian.  The only way it would be stopped is this revival God has spoken about to us and what we are contending for.

We are praying and believing for this revival but of course with any prophetic word whether to a nation or a person, it is an invitation and American can miss its day of invitation.  You can start to see the beginnings of this spirit of Hadrian manifesting and starting to bear fruit and potentially become the dominant spirit as time goes by.

Hadrian was born in 76 AD and died in 138 AD.  He reigned from 117 to 138AD.  When you read the secular historians writings you only read about his humanitarian deeds and the good things he did.  He accomplished a lot in terms of rebuilding and restoring the infrastructure in Rome.  He had a real desire to help the poor; he was considered a humanitarian but he was very much a humanist.  Not that other emperors weren’t up until the time of Constantine but he was particularly religious in the then ‘new age’ expression of religion.   He was a worshiper of Greek ideology and Greek religions and committed to Jupiter which is the Roman version of Zeus. He took vows into several secret societies that were mainly Greek religious societies.  He rebuilt the Pantheon which was a temple to all gods but primarily for Jupiter and Zeus. Historians and architects glory in the pantheon as a building but spiritually we forget why this temple was built.  It was a spiritual place where people celebrated demonic gods and what we would call new age gods.

Many Roman emperors were immoral practicing bi-sexuality because that was just part of the Roman culture in that time in history.  Hadrian was no different; he was passionate for women and liked to have affairs with married women of high officials.  He was especially committed to homosexuality and homosexuality in his own life.  There was one person in particular whom he had a long relationship with and was the primary object of affection in his life.  When that person died (historians believe he was actually killed by Hadrian being pushed off a boat in the Nile as a sacrificial act to the gods) he built temples to him in Rome and cities in his name.  He did all kinds of things to honor him and his homosexual affection towards him.

What is interesting about Hadrian is that most secular historians when they speak of his life, that they leave out is his complete hatred for the Jews and for Israel.  He was not a person of war; he built ‘Hadrian’s Wall’ in England in order to keep the barbarians out.  He was committed to peace and peace at all costs.  Hadrian did considerable travel throughout the empire.  The first time he went to Judea he developed a real disgust for Judaism.  The first thing he did was ban circumcision because he felt it was very pagan and humanistic.  He then built two temples, one to Aphrodite, which of course is all about immorality, and on the temple mount among the ruins he built another to Zeus.  Inside the atrium there was a statue of him inscribed with ‘the benefactor and ruler of the world’.  The result of this in Judea – where Jehovah is worshiped – was upon Hadrian leaving there was an uprising.  The Jews rose up and tore down the temples.  Hadrian’s response over a two year period was rebuilding those temples – smaller versions – and declared war on Israel.  He slaughtered over 500,000 Jews.  It was the only time he was ever involved in a war.  At that time he declared Jews were not allowed to come into the city but only once a year to go to the temple mount.  The study of Jewish scripture was outlawed as well as the keeping of the Sabbath.  These were in addition to the banning of circumcision.  Hadrian became one of the greatest oppressors of the Jews and Israel’s in history.  Yet in most secular studies or accounts of his life this is never mentioned.

This is what the Lord has been speaking to me and what the reign of Hadrian will look like without a real revival in America.  What we will see is extraordinary, not just tolerance but promotion of homosexuality and the homosexual lifestyle – immorality will be totally redefined.  It is amazing what we are seeing today in America.  Last year we began to see it in the democratic convention how openly for the first time, without apology, the promotion of homosexuality.  Speaker after speaker after speaker spoke how you have the right to choose who you love.  We are going to see start seeing this more and more.  Homosexuality and the homosexual agenda, bisexual and cross sexual agenda will no longer be fighting for a place in society however everyone who is opposed to this agenda will be considered dangerous, not just out of step, but dangerous and someone to be oppressed.  America is going to become one of the most pro-homosexual countries in human history – that is where we are headed and it’s advanced quickly over the last few years.

The other thing that will happen is America will inch more towards is becoming an enemy of Israel, pulling its support – we have already started to see forms of this.  In this government we see reluctance to continue support of Israel if not for those who pressure them to do so. Many nations around the world are turning their back on Israel because they feel the country is too much trouble, the country is in constant conflict for such a little nation. America is going to become more and more that way.

Through all of this there will be a ‘humanitarian’ theme, an outward compassion for the poor.  There seems to be compassion on things that are vulnerable; people want to save the ducks or the turtles or the spotted owl.  We seem to have this politically correct compassion for anything weak and vulnerable but behind the scenes they are destroying the most vulnerable and weak like the unborn.  It will be sort of a strange hypocritical mixture.  We are going to see more and more a humanitarian spirit which makes you feel like we are good people, like we are people of peace, people of tolerance.  That’s going to be the big word tolerance – compassion on the weak and the different – yet behind all of it are unholy and insidious things.  It has already begun and we are already seeing the evidence.  As Christians we should be compassionate for the poor, the weak, and the vulnerable and be consistent across the board with it.  Unfortunately today in America we are seeing a redefinition of what goodness is.  There is this belief in the ‘goodness’ of all people; appealing to their ‘goodness’ no matter if they have been enemies of this country in the past or not.  Tolerance and being a peace maker appeals to the goodness of man – this is a humanitarian spirit.  This will fuel the current move of public compassion for the gay culture and those who are sexually different – a lifestyle scripture clearly considers perverse behavior.

This Hadrian spirit will mask itself in humanitarianism, helping the perceived poor and weak, being people of peace; tolerance being the dominate theme in America and it will in turn promote an immoral gay lifestyle.  Everyone who opposes this ‘tolerance’ will be considered not only off beat but dangerous.  It will also bring an underlying opposition to the Jews, rejecting long established alliances with Israel.

**this word was given at Eucharist the beginning of July.  You can see in the latest news how in 4 weeks this spirit has manifested itself already.