God is releasing His Breakers 10/2/12

There is an anointing being released on the Body of Christ at this time. He is releasing His Breakers, The waves of His presence, to roll over His beloved. He is sweeping the Love of His life off of her feet, and rearranging everything. Those who have felt stuck in the sand, yet longing to be moved in the depths of their hearts, are about to be rolled over by the waves of His glory, and love, and repositioned in the deepest place of their reality. Whole churches, and geographical areas are going to be rolled over, swept away. It’s not going to be as it has been. You have looked out toward the ocean of His grace and compassion, longing to be rearranged. It’s your time; your turn. It’s time to be overwhelmed, and moved by His Breakers. This will be no small movement; instead, it will be a “losing of control,” taken; swept away; a free fall into a new place, where you will be plunged by the deep into the depths. He is going to reposition your hopes, your attitudes, your perspectives, your dreams, your future, your very reality. Come Lord, roll over us.